I never really got into comics (except for Archie, swoon) but I’m finally coming around…

At my current job at The Dorm, one of the groups led a session on a book called The Watchmen by Adrian Magson, which is still on hold in my Libby app. (And it turns out it’s an HBO series.)

Then a few weeks ago Cup of Jo shared this long comic about quitting drinking and I was SO mesmerized by it. It was like a great essay but with more… space… . It’s by Edith Zimmerman.

I started subscribing to her Substack and realized that the comic format is so much like the phone. These little boxes. Interesting… She’s also a really good artist!

That’s all ❤️

How to find the right job for you

Are you job searching right now? I love this article by Career Coach John Vees:

“How to find the right job for you,” via Guardian UK

Useful Highlights:

  • What jobs done by friends fascinate you?
  • What topics do you enjoy talking about with friends?
  • Work out your top 10 jobs criteria: Develop a personal wish list of the ingredients in your ideal job – think about key elements such as the kind of people you enjoy working with, the results you like to achieve and the organisation’s working style. Then throw your values into the mix – what products or services matter to you? Look for jobs which match at least six out of the 10 criteria.
  • Focus on job ingredients: Don’t refer to job titles all the time, but ask for certain ingredients, such as “I’m looking for a job that involves these skills, this knowledge, and this working style”. Allow people to make creative suggestions rather than just responding to your stated job aims.


I strongly believe that the amount of love and care you put into a project is always apparent. Even if people are not conscious of it, they can sense when you have paid attention to every little detail. 

Jocelyn K. Glei on Ideation and Being Accountable in Your Projects

I’ve been thinking a lot about hourly vs. project-based pay this week as I consider freelance projects in place of one major job during this crazy time. It’s really confusing to figure out what’s fair, especially in a time of such divided attention w/ online work. It brought me back to this quote, which boils down quality into the amount of attention you put towards something. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a more concrete measurement for that?

A call for mindful creators

I’ve spent most of this year thinking about how we consume information, and believe more of us could stand to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. A shift is coming. If it hasn’t happened already, we are getting close to reaching what feels like a critical mass. There are too many blogs, websites, podcasts, videos, streaming services, etc. to keep up with. We, as consumers, are starting to feel overwhelmed by the amount of options out there. When it gets to be too much, I think we’re going to see people opt out altogether. They’ll unsubscribe, hit delete, and walk away. I say this because I’ve been doing it all year. As a collective, we are beginning to realize how limited our time, energy, and attention are—and creators need to respect that. If you don’t believe me, liken it to how much physical stuff we used to accumulate, and now how big the movement to declutter/simplify is. I truly believe a shift is coming. People want less but better.

from “Why I’m retiring from personal blogging” by Cait Flanders


Run towards the things that make you scared

One of the things that gets spread around online in the interest of “pep talks” is the idea that you should stick to what you love, what you do best and forget the rest. But the rest includes a lot of important things that will help your business go far.

Grace Bonney on 10 Things People Don’t Talk About in Business

I love the hard-learned advice in this Design Sponge article, especially the concept of stepping towards the parts of your job that you weren’t expecting when you followed your bliss.